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What is Gastroenterology?

Food is fuel for the body.  It is a required and much enjoyed part of life.  It's important for us all to maintain a healthy system to process and assimilate food, as it brings all of the invigorating and restorative nutrients to the body.
We help with the function of the digestive tract, as the food is taken in and made ready - brought into the body, as the byproducts are carried along and eliminated when no longer needed.
The name of our specialtiy "Gastroenterology" is derived from the combination of Ancient Greek word:  "gastros" (stomach), "enteron" (intestine), and "logos" (reason).
Should it become necessary, allow us to offer our assistance in the disorders that affect the gastrointestinal (g.i.) tract.  We provide consultative services and well as endoscopic testing, among others.
Medical Facilities:
The links below are various hospitals and surgery centers at which our Gastrointestinal services are provided.

San Ramon Regional Medical Center
ValleyCare Health System
John Muir Medical Center
Tresanti Surgery Center
Office Hours:
We are open each weekday in the morning and the evenings, closed in the lunch hours form noon until 2pm. Visits are by appointments.  Most are by referrals from a primary care physician.  We ask that if so, you would bring any pertinent Radiology, Endoscopic, or Laboratory results for our review and to complete and submit our needed forms prior to such a visit.  This will include your insurance information and any appropriate copayment at the time of visit. 

Mondays to Fridays:
9 am to 12 pm
2 pm to 5 pm

Locations in San Ramon and Livermore

Telephone number:  (925) 275-1811
Fax number (925) 275-1814
Fees and policy:

We have our HIPAA policy, office fees and office policy forms  available for your review..

Provided are our Health Questionaire and Patient Registration forms that we ask for you to open, complete and print. 
Please fax this to us at 925-275-1814 when done.
You may call 925-275-1811 for any questions and we look forward to seeing you in our office.
Valley Digestive Care